Landscape Maintenance

A gorgeous lawn is only gorgeous so long if you forget to maintain it. Your landscaping is like anything else in your life. It’s gorgeous from the outside, but it won’t last long without proper maintenance. You wouldn’t purchase a new car without taking it in for regular oil changes and tire rotations, and you wouldn’t hire Citrus Park Lawn Care to revamp your lawn and improve your landscaping without allowing us to maintain our hard work. Maintenance is the most important thing you provide your lawn. Without proper maintenance, your landscaping begins to die, it appears less appealing, and it won’t look nearly as impressive after a few months.

The size of your lawn, the type of landscaping you have, and the weather every year have a major impact on how well your lawn survives, which is why proper maintenance is so critical. It changes every year, and the maintenance of your lawn requires is never the same as another lawn. Let our team of professional’s help you keep your lawn looking beautiful all year with a customized maintenance schedule designed to bring out the beauty your landscaping has to offer.

Our Landscape Maintenance Services

At Citrus Park Lawn Care, we offer a variety of landscape maintenance programs. Since no two lawns are the same, it’s difficult to know what it is your lawn needs without seeing it in person. This is why our team of professional landscape experts like to see your lawn, touch it, and get to know it before providing you with a custom, personalized maintenance plan to keep it in its best shape. Our most common maintenance services include:

  •         Lawn fertilization programs
  •         Seasonal cleanups
  •         Weekly mowing services
  •         Trimming and pruning services

Our team will come to your home to assess your landscaping needs and create a plan for you. Our plan is entirely customizable, and it can be changed as often as needed. Give us a call today at (813) 408-4216 for a free consultation, or fill out our online form for a CPLC representative to call you back.  Thank you!